Why Sales and Marketing Alignment is crucial for your Business’ Success?

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Did you know that the days of the “ABC – always be closing” approach to sales is gone together with using cold call “spray and pray” techniques in finding prospects?

Nowadays, sales is part of the far-reaching marketing mix.

Sales and Marketing are two different areas of business and both are essential to the success of the company. While your marketers are working on generating and nurturing high-quality leads through content marketing, social media marketing, and the like, your sales representatives are also working to close the deals. It’s time to align sales and marketing to develop extreme success for your business.

Sales & Marketing

Sales and marketing alignment is a long-term strategy and it is crucial for B2B companies, especially for making sales and closing accounts in today’s modern, digital marketplace.

Sales and marketing must work side by side to carry leads and opportunities across the finish line. Now, what exactly is it about sales and marketing integration that helps to drive better results and why is it vital for business’ success.

Better Understanding of the Customers

Buyers have changed more in the past 10 years. The modern buyer is socially connected, digitally driven, and entitled with roughly unlimited access to different information and people. We have to look at everything we do through the perspective of our customers. Marketing and sales need to be on the same page about who they need to reach since they are locked up with attracting, nurturing, and closing deals. It will be much easier to create precise buyer profiles when the teamwork as one. It is also helpful when both marketing and sales understand what is most likely to impress buyers at certain stages.


Are your sales reps ready for their client meetings? Do they have high-quality content to convince prospects to buy? Are your marketers creating content but is not being used effectively? When marketing and sales work separately, each team executes its own activities without paying enough attention to what the others are doing. This will lead to redundant efforts and sometimes, confusion to your prospects. It will also be extremely difficult to pinpoint where exactly leads drop off along the customer journey. That is why marketing and sales should be aligned with each other. When they work collaboratively, there’s a higher chance of getting better engagement. When two teams collaborate and brainstorm regularly, they can unite forces and amplify the impact of their efforts. Working together like a well-oiled machine, marketing and sales can launch campaigns designed for maximum impact, handle leads smoothly, and engage more with prospects in a way that amaze potential buyers.

Well-defined Strategy

Organisations with aligned sales and marketing functions are likely to be big-picture oriented. Like what’s mentioned above, Sales and marketing alignment is a long-term strategy. When sales and marketing rally around a big-picture view on how to generate revenue, they can work simultaneously to plan and execute campaigns which the main purpose is to reach the target goal.

Your sales representative should be closing—not prospecting. They should be spending their precious time and resources on the leads who are most likely to purchase.

Effective collaboration results in better delivery of leads to ensure sales reps can spend their time on prospects who are already willing and able to buy. But what if the leads weren’t ready to buy yet? They can be directed back to marketing dept. for further nurturing. This way you can be assured that the leads who may buy in the future aren’t neglected. Thanks to better collaboration and communication between the two departments.

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