Manage your Privacy Setting in LinkedIn

privacy setting in linkedIn

The recent security issues regarding Facebook might have caused you some concern about your privacy settings on social media. Perhaps, you have even changed your privacy settings in Facebook and other social media platforms. But have you considered changing your privacy setting in LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is one of many social media platforms, mostly used to build professional networks. It encourages b2b connections, hence making your information valuable for the user. LinkedIn allows its users to manage their information and also control who can view their information. This can be done by following these steps:

1. Find the Settings

First, log in to find the settings. Then, click on your picture located on the top right corner of the navigation bar. Now, you will find a dropdown menu. Select the Setting & Privacy option.

You will be asked to enter your email address and password in order to authenticate your account. Now, you can move ahead to manage your privacy settings- LinkedIn Privacy Settings

2. Sharing Profile Edits

You may have noticed notifications from someone in your profile being promoted or changing jobs they made on their profile. Likewise, your connections also receive notifications when you make any changes. This is due to the default setting of LinkedIn, which you can change by going to the Setting & Privacy option.

After going to the Setting & Privacy select the Privacy tab in the centre and then click on change option under Sharing profile edits then you will see the slider option which you should slide to No.

*Note: Change this option to “No” before making other changes on your profile, since these changes can create notifications on profiles of your connections, which can be annoying to them.

3. Activity Feed

The activity feed displays all your activities such as blogs you have posted or articles you have liked. Your connections can be viewed by simply clicking the View recent activity option in the drop-down arrow at the side of View profile as Send InMail/Connect or Send a Message.

If you want to change this setting then follow the previously mentioned steps until you click the Privacy tab. Then go to the Blocking and Hiding section and click Change under Followers. You can either choose Everyone on LinkedIn or Your connections.

4. Profile Views

“Your profile has been viewed by 10 people in the past day”.

You may have noticed this notification on your profile. When you click this, you are able to see who viewed your profile and their information.

This occurs when you view other peoples’ profiles as they can see your information. However, you can control what others see by going to the Privacy tab and clicking on the Change option under Profile viewing options.

5. Connections

Strong connections are valuable for everyone and hence they seek to connect with useful people. They can find connections just by looking into your profile due to the LinkedIn default setting.

If you have built strong connections on LinkedIn over time and do not want others to see them, then go to thePrivacy tab and then select Only you option from the dropdown menu under Who can see your connections.

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