Self Branding for Entrepreneurial Success




To be in business today, our most important job is to be head marketer for the brand called You.”

-Tom Peters

What I believe as a Digital Entrepreneur is to become an expert in your field, the first thing is you HAVE to believe in yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself, don’t have confidence in your market position, trust me, no one will!

The first thing you can do for yourself is to market yourself, build your brand before you market your product.

And how do you do that?

Let me list out a few important points that you need to offer to yourself, to build a brand for yourself, a brand that is YOU.

1.Your Personal Website

Yes, you do have a business website, and your name is there, but that is not enough. That is just the positioning of your product, not you. To sell your product, first, you have to sell yourself.

To make yourself stand out, to make your name your own brand name, you need a whole website just about you. You have to have a domain in your name because simply no other words would justify you.

It has to represent you in real so that the visitors can connect with it and develop a trust in you. That’s the main aim here.

It has to show your commitment, your passion, and dedication towards your work.

Your profile has to talk all about you, your life story, how you found your purpose and passion, how you nurtured it, your achievements and how did you position yourself in your marketplace today.

Go on, don’t hesitate to explain all your past failures, your struggles because they are what made you what you are today.

Include professional pictures, your significant memories and a clear call to action to add more professional influences to your homepage.

2.Consistency in Social Media

Everyone, all around the world, is engaged in social media, browsing every new update in the market, it makes a total sense for you to be active and consistent in social media.

There are multiple social sites you need to be present on- Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, just to name few.

By now you already are using social media, I’m sure about that.

But are you using them in the best possible way?

Are you showing consistency in your website profile and social media profile? Do you have a similar description about yourself in every profile?

Are you sharing your professional updates on a regular basis?

Are you promoting your business in your profile?

Are your social media profile images as strong and professional as on your website?

Are you using different formats on every social site to suit your audience?

These are the few questions you need to have a ‘Yes’ answer to make yourself trustworthy.

3.Become a Storyteller

Have you ever realised that the story is the best way to engage your readers than anything else? You need to have the art of telling a story about yourself, creating an emotional connection with readers.

Yes, everyone has a story to tell, experience to share in the business, but that needs to come all together in a more lively manner, in a more realistic manner, so you build a personal connection and trust in your audience.

Make sure to make it an interesting read.

4.Create a Chain of Conversation

Be present, be active on community platforms you can reach online. Quora is the best one.

Share your insights, learn from others’ experiences and views, build an audience for yourself.

Facebook also provides the groups and forums all dedicated to this purpose, to bring people from different communities together virtually.

5.Your Team to Match Your Positioning

Your business is not just about you, but your back-end team as well.

As you are the face of your business, your team is the face of your service.

If your team doesn’t understand your pace, your positioning, in the sales process, your whole effort is a total waste.

Yes, your clients may come to you because of your power of persuasion but how will you live up to the promise you made if your team cannot deliver what you promised in the first place?

Build a brand that goes a long way.

You may think what have I done, who am I to say all these? Am I implementing what I am saying?

Why don’t you take a look yourself here?

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Prabin Gautam