5 Proven Ways to Generate Leads through LinkedIn


Are you trying to generate more leads?

It is challenging to find new customers and generate more sales leads. According to one study, 85% of marketers said that lead generation content is the topmost goal for their business. Therefore, the implementation of the right social media platform is crucial.

Are you using LinkedIn Marketing?

While there are many social media platforms where you can establish leads, LinkedIn is designed to connect with professionals.

Here are 5 Proven Ways to Generate Leads through LinkedIn:

1. Post Quality Content

Posting valuable content is vital on LinkedIn. Focus on value-adding content rather than what you sell. Post valuable content on your LinkedIn page and share it from your other pages to reach more people. This includes blogs, videos, pictures of your company and employees, as well as educational posts.

2. Advertise

With good quality content, it’s easier to gain more natural traffic and engagement from a wider audience. However, advertising is still essential to sell more. Advertising helps to increase your reach and brand awareness which means more leads for you.

3. Connect with Groups

LinkedIn Groups is a beneficial way to find and connect with people who have common interests. It’s a good tool to reach your target audience. Being part of a community also assists in understanding the market and their needs better and it is a great place to share your posts. LinkedIn Groups is also an ideal platform to discuss industry issues and ideas. Becoming involved in these group activities gives your brand more visibility and the potential to expand your network for more leads.

4. Include a Call to Action

A call to action is an important step to convert your audiences into your customers.

A simple call to action could be:

“If you find the above steps helpful and want to know more then please visit our website *insert link to website* or call us at *insert phone number*”

It does not need to be complex.

5. Set Goals and Objectives

When creating content or advertising on LinkedIn be clear about your goals and objectives. Setting goals helps you to focus, plan and implement the right LinkedIn strategies and create content for your target audience.

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