Easy Tips On How To Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator To Generate New Leads

linkedin sales navigator

Wondering what LinkedIn Sales Navigator is? And how it can help?

Let’s discuss what LinkedIn Sales Navigator is.

What is LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a platform for social selling which provides various tools to help you to find the right prospects to build and grow trusted relationships. “Sales Navigator allows sales professionals to tap into the power of LinkedIn efficiently. It improves social selling in support of powerful daily habits,” said Diana Kucer, LinkedIn’s Director of Global Product Marketing.

Why LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator provides the opportunity to grow relationships with prospects and clients, build trust and increase sales. Research shows LinkedIn has more than 400 million professional profiles with advanced filters to find the right prospects. Sales Navigator can increase your social selling index by 20%.

Want to build your personal and professional brand?

Looking to develop relationships with the right prospect and leads?

When it comes to building a trusted relationship and increasing sales, there are no hidden secrets. The LinkedIn Sales Navigator is definitely the right approach to take.

In this article, here are several tips on how to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to build your business and generate more quality leads.

 1. Save your leads

The best way to keep track of your leads is to save them. The saved leads will be displayed in your Sales Navigator news feed enabling you to monitor their activities and to stay updated on any changes that might be occurring in your lead’s organization or in their position.

2. Save searches

Saving your searches allows you to quickly scan and find your ideal and targeted leads. After you save a search you will receive email alerts when new people match your saved search criteria.

To save a search in Sales Navigator, Click Here

3. Use advanced search

The advanced search allows you to search for leads and accounts. This makes it easier to connect and engage with them on LinkedIn.

To use the advanced search in Sales Navigator, Click Here

4. Send InMails to your leads

An excellent way to communicate with your leads if they are not a connection. It is a kind of mail or message that you can attach while sending a request. Engaging with news or updates your leads have shared allows maximising the effectiveness of Inmails.

However, if your leads have set their privacy settings to not receive InMail messages, you won’t be able to send it.

Learn more about InMail in Sales Navigator here.

5. Use the filter for your search

The LinkedIn Sales Navigator allows you to refine your search results using keywords to narrow your searches by leads, accounts, company, title, industry, geography, etc. Adding tags to saved accounts helps to organise your business workflow that is easier and convenient

6. Look for similar prospects

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is the best platform where you can find prospects similar to your ideal prospects in just a few simple steps. Simply find your ideal prospects in Sales Navigator and select the drop-down to ‘view similar’. This allows you to populate results with similar job titles and backgrounds of other companies.

7. Optimise your LinkedIn profile

To maximise the effectiveness of the Sales Navigator and build more trusted relationships and increase leads, optimise your LinkedIn profile.

Make use of LinkedIn’s new features such as Video Cover Stories and Creator Mode to make new connections more easily.