Your Business Growth – 2020


If you are reading this, I trust you are well and safe.

Usually, my 1st article for the year starts with joy and excitement for business growth plans for the new year and beyond.

However, this year started out with the tragic bushfires all over the country, leaving us less excited and more hopeful.

Nevertheless, we all are doing our part to help those in need and working to improve the situation for the rest of the year in both personal and business.

I wanted to share my business theme for this year 2020 – GROWTH. What’s yours?

Growth for our clients, partners and colleagues to help them increase profits so they can use business as a vehicle to support people to reach their human potential.

Prabin Gautam Australia | Social Media Keynote Speaker

So… Why growth?

Any business, regardless of mission or model, needs to grow in order to thrive.  Whatever growth means for you—physical expansion, increase in customers and sales, or additional products and services—you can’t get there without a growth strategy. A common mistake many entrepreneurs and business leaders make is not having infrastructure in place for growth. Making constant growth isn’t just about speed and momentum – it’s all about creating a foundation strong enough to support your business to come in years ahead.

As a long time B2B marketing and leads-to-profits (L2P) specialist, I see every flavor of client challenge, which can be boiled down to four major scenarios:

  • Businesses that have been successful in the past, but are now stalled for reasons like product stagnation or competitive pressure
  • Businesses that have a solid concept/product, but lack an effective go-to-market strategy (e.g. have no achievable leads-to-revenue and profits framework)
  • Businesses with an outdated and/or ineffective business model
  • Businesses with a good concept/product and viable go-to-market strategy, but who are not executing aggressively

Growing any business is challenging, but it can be much easier if you have a clear plan of attack and trusted growth partner.

It doesn’t matter what level you think you’re at, the next level, whatever that means for you, is there, ready to challenge and reward you.

So… now, what is your business theme and growth plan for 2020?

Are you ready for your business to thrive?

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