Participation in G20 YEA Summit 2016 Beijing China | Prabin Gautam

Prabin Gautam Australia | Social Media Keynote Speaker

G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance (G20 YEA) as the name suggests is a network of young entrepreneurs worldwide and organisations supporting them. There are approx. 500,000 young entrepreneurs collaborating together for mutual benefits and breaking down barriers worldwide. The alliance was officially formed at G8 Summit in Italy, 2009 and has become an annual event taking on these young entrepreneurs around the world.

2009 Stresa, Italy
2010 Toronto, Canada
2011 Nice, France
2012 Los Cabos, Mexico
2013 Moscow, Russia
2014 Sydney, Australia
2015 Istanbul, Turkey
2016 Beijing, China

The G20 YEA places emphasis on developing entrepreneurship in various fields and industries around the globe and to promote young entrepreneurs. The summit showcases how valuable it is to cultivate entrepreneurship from youth as well as the importance of supporting them. Indeed, much innovation is an economic boost for any nation that has been derived from dedicated and passionate young entrepreneurs in their respective fields.

With this motto in mind, 30 young entrepreneurs from Australia and Canada were invited to visit Tsinghua iCenter in China on September 7, 2016.

Here, participants from G20 YEA shared insights to the ever-changing trends in international markets and technology advancements and how the latter can have a significant impact on the world’s economy and how young entrepreneurs can benefit from the many opportunities that these events present in related fields and industries.

I, being one of the participants in this year’s G20 YEA, had the opportunity to speak on the platform about Digital Disruption and Smart Entrepreneurship.

At iCenter, we were able to see the 3D printers, laser cutters, Chinese brand CNC milling for iPhones and intelligent manufacturing systems in student workshops. We also were able to interact with Tsinghua student entrepreneurs at the Maker Studio.

We looked at promising projects and products from four student start-ups concerning graphene material, virtual reality, junior architect camp and maker education. In the end, we couldn’t help but be impressed by these young student entrepreneurs’ vision and hard work.