Let’s Talk About Your Virtual Selling and Servicing!


The Unseen Opportunity in Virtual Selling

Our program The Digital Perspectives is designed to help Australian businesses owners explore digital trends and strategies to grow your business build digital brand and then monetise it. In this episode, we give you a first-class seat into driving your economic recovery in the post-COVID-19 through innovation and maintaining a strong online presence.

Our guest for episode #11 of The Digital Perspectives is The Sales Strategist – Brad Tonini

The impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) has given us a new opportunity to focus on how we can market our services through innovating solutions, by investing in the virtual world of online marketing.

There’s a real opportunity right now to embrace this technology and look at it… in terms of virtual servicing, how to attract and create client relationships, referrals …and deep-dive into being a trusted advisor and creating a virtual servicing process.” – Brad Tonini

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What is the Long Tail in a Business?

The long tail is known as a business strategy, whereby companies are given the opportunity to see significant profits by selling low volumes of rare items to their customers rather than selling large volumes of popular items on a sale price.

In other words, the long tail is the long list of people who buy your products and services. 

Reading material recommendation: The Long Tail, by Chris Anderson

How to Manage the Long Tail of Your Business:

It is important to ensure that the customers in your data base are monitored and resourced in a way that reducing the risk of them becoming high-maintenance and low value for your business.

Here are the key steps to the nurturing clientele:

  • Maintain relationships with customers, and humanising the online exchanges you are making with them
  • Understanding where your clients are at, in terms of their progress during the current global pandemic. Keep in mind: Many businesses are prospering in this time through their online sales.
  • Make a shift! Change the way you are selling to your clients to produce the best outcome in terms of sales and customer loyalty through your online platforms.
  • Attaining referrals and introductions from those relationships and checking in on your customers and clients.
  • Moving your customers out of LinkedIn, (or the initial social media platform they have found your business on) and into your emailing list.
  • Doing this efficiently and effectively on a regular basis
  • Whilst considering these factors of your business, let’s look at how we can use the latest communication technology with Zoom and other virtual meeting applications to our advantage, not just now, but into the future as well. 

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