Digital Marketing Trends to Watch Out for in 2019


As 2018 comes to an end, digital marketers can’t help but get excited about what trends are to come in 2019. There’s no doubt why. The world is changing at a rapid pace, especially the digital world, and it’s important to have your finger on the pulse of what comes next.

Trusted marketing experts should be the first to know what trends to look forward to in 2019 for their business and their clients.

Here are 3 Digital Marketing Trends to consider in the coming year.

1. Opinions Matter

People are neglecting traditional advertisements, and although this isn’t a brand-new trend, it still recent enough to continue in 2019.

According to a 2015 Nielsen study, the top four most trusted marketing sources were people you know, branded sites, editorial sites, and reviews. In fact, traditional advertisements that once were so reliable, now find themselves at the bottom of this list.

The digital world means that people have greater access to other people. Therefore, they have access to other people’s opinions, reviews, and recommendations. The fact is, people, trust opinions. Consumers are active and intelligent, and they realise t
hat advertisements created by companies will sell, sell, sell and only present to them what they want to hear. In fact, it is expected that 30% of internet users will be using ad blockers by the end of this year.

It’s important to understand that people rely on reviews from others to give valuable and honest information.

However, this does not mean marketers should neglect advertisements entirely. It is simply a matter of considering what marketing tools and techniques will be more valuable to consumers and therefore, more beneficial to your business.

2. Standing out Amongst Digital Noise

Most people believe that print is dead. Although not as common nowadays, this is the exact reason that it stands out amongst digital noise.

I’m not saying we should resurrect print media and marketing entirely. We’re digital marketers, after all. However, 2019 seems to see a marketing trend that combines both print and digital.

I recently read about a company who used their digital database to obtain physical addresses, marketed directly to those addresses, and encouraged the consumers to go online for more information. By standing out amongst the digital noise, the company was able to create a more memorable marketing campaign. However, it also ties the campaign back to the digital marketing world.

3. Modern Communication

Marketers must understand how their consumers are communicating, in order to reach them. Consumers expect you to communicate with them in a way that’s familiar to them.

In our digital world, communication trends are constantly changing, so it’s important to keep up with how your consumers are communicating at that point in time.

For example, in recent years online messaging has been a more common communication technique than phone calls. Not only does this include how we communicate with each other, but also how we communicate with the digital world itself.

One example of this is chatbots. Chatbots are AI messaging bots that have the ability to understand and respond as humans would. A tool that allows people to communicate with robots or computers to get information, chatbots are the future. According to Oracle, 80% of businesses will be integrating chatbots by 2020, which means that a majority of those will start the process in the next year.

Another example is how people conduct online searches or ask their technology (i.e. Siri) to perform tasks. Experts are predicting that approximately 50% of searches will be made through voice search.

Digital marketing is rapidly evolving and these are just three trends to look forward to in 2019. Digital marketers are constantly on the search for more. Not only should they keep up with what others are doing, they should also get creative and innovative and start their own trends.

Prabin Gautam is the Lead Generation and Digital Marketing Expert. With over 10 years of experience, he helps his clients to grow their businesses through LinkedIn. He is today recognised as one of Australia’s most innovative and successful Digital Entrepreneurs. He is also the winner of G20YEA and the EAIC’s Young Entrepreneur of the year.

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