Be A Go-To Person In Your Industry


Being seen as someone who can be trusted and who is telling your client the truth is essential to the business development activities we do regularly:

  • Trying to influence a key prospect
  • Looking to strengthen an existing relationship with an existing client
  • Wanting to be seen as the “go-to” person in your industry

We spend a lot of time and money trying to position ourselves in front of our clients. While doing so, two things are happening:

  1. We are not doing it well enough – we’re using an outdated model for doing it
  2. It’s not the only thing we have to do.

Being a go-to person in your industry takes getting a few things nailed down accurately so that people get to know EXACTLY what you do, why you do it and who are the people that can benefit from it. Being a go to person in your industry requires polishing on your every collateral that position you as a trusted influencer.

This means nailing down your message so that people get to know EXACTLY what you do, why you do it and who are your targeted avatars.

A go-to person has that “it” factor. They are the ones who step up and do the work. Their associates turn to them to analyse and carry out solutions, they remain focused even under pressure. They stand in front of customers/clients, close deals, and hit deadlines. They possess that ability in making things simple, clear and unifying. They carry a reputation for being the ones who stay calm and focused, they look out for others, and find a way to accomplish things. To cut it short, a go-to person are LEADERS.

With that said, how can you become a GO-TO PERSON? Here are 3 ways to bring out the LEADER IN YOU:

1. Preparation

Greatness is built on doing what is constant and dull, whether it’s doing a presentation or making cold calls you should work on your skills and be prepared. Preparation is the key to change. When leaders fail, most of the time it is because of their lack of preparation. When an opportunity is missed, it’s because leaders didn’t prepare themselves or their employees well enough to see and seize it. Leadership is not just about you – it’s about others. Being prepared for the unexpected is what you are ultimately being held accountable for as a leader. Preparation might sound tedious but it’s always rewarding.

2. Open to responsibility

How nice would it be if opportunity come walking our way? More often than not, we tend to be at ease with our comfort zone that we hesitate to push our boundaries.

Most people wait for life to come to them. They are already contented to play small. On the other hand, the go-to players, they go all in! They are more afraid of missing out than making any mistakes. They go out in front and affirm themselves when others dwindle back and when it’s down to crunch time, they want the ball in their hands and more than anything else, they want to win the game! And that doesn’t come from sitting and waiting around to be asked. They are responsible enough in taking action.

3. Be an example

The go-to people are the ones who always go above-and-beyond. They don’t take shortcuts! They are consistent in their day-to-day activities, they continue to raise bar higher and be a thought leader in their industry. They are a source of inspiration, inspiring people with the awesome and bringing disruptive changes.

Being a go-to person requires lots of efforts and time. There may be others more capable in these moments. But keep in mind that being a winner sometimes means stepping back, accepting a lesser role, and playing well what cards you hold. Allow yourself time to think – “what would you do if you weren’t afraid?”

“Champions don’t need direction. They’ve already figured out where they were heading.

They just need a vehicle or maybe a little push to get there.”