Ways How LinkedIn can grow your Brands’ Content Marketing Strategy

grow your Brands’ Content Marketing Strategy

A great way to promote your business is with the use of LinkedIn.

It is becoming an increasing source for brands in publishing and sharing their contents via texts or videos. Because of its solid reputation, businesses are taking advantage of this in circulating their contents.

LinkedIn makes a valuable addition to your Digital Marketing Strategy

It is the world’s largest professional network with over 500 million members in more than 200 countries. This wide reach can make your content visible to customers near and far, making it a compelling outlet to get in front of your audience in a credible way.

Are you taking advantage of what LinkedIn has to offer?

Here are ways on how LinkedIn can help you grow your brands content marketing strategy:

Publishing and Sharing Contents :

  • LinkedIn has now become a go-to place to publish long-form, advice-driven content. Use valuable and relevant content to build a relationship with your network. Write more! Long-form updates receive 10 times more visibility than short ones or link to an article.

Tag People in your Posts :

  • When you tag someone in a status update, it notifies them, which makes it more likely that they’ll see it. Once a few users engage with your post, it is seen by their connections and potentially their connections’ connections, and so on.
  • But this doesn’t mean you can just tag anyone in your post. You should also be cautious in tagging. Tag those people you’ve quoted or have referenced in the content that you are sharing.

Use Hashtags :

  • Hashtags aid in discoverability, use relevant hashtags in your content, it has a higher chance that your content gets into these different hashtag communities and seen by more people. When you post an update, LinkedIn now has auto-suggests hashtags. Use hashtags often to get discovered. If you are unsure which hashtags to use, do a quick search for that certain topic in LinkedIn and you’ll see numbers of followers for that hashtag.

Try Sharing Native Videos :

  • Upload a video file from your phone, tablet, or laptop directly onto the platform. Linking to a video hosted elsewhere (e.g., YouTube or Vimeo) does not count. Native videos have an authentic feel. When you’re on camera, your audience gets to see who you really are. A video is vital and a great way to start with is by recording a short video giving an overview of what your content is all about. You can also do a video about a product or platform and share your insights and give some tips.

Stay up to date with LinkedIn Updates :

  • There is a lot to keep up with all the changes that have already come to LinkedIn in the past year. Make sure you dive into those changes and updates to get the most out of LinkedIn

Read some additional information about the new updates that will help to streamline your LinkedIn marketing efforts.

LinkedIn is so much more than a marketing channel. It’s an amazing platform for lead generation and brand awareness if you start using the powerful tools it provides.

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It also offers a way for you to reach executives on social media, showcase your company culture, and recruit top talent.

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