New LinkedIn Features To Optimise Your Profile


LinkedIn is becoming an increasingly more important platform to promote your business on with its number of users growing every year.

In one of its latest updates, the platform released some new features which can help enhance your business promotion and marketing strategies.

Video Cover Stories

One of LinkedIn’s new features is Video Cover Stories. This feature allows you to film a short video of yourself which is made available to view by anyone visiting your profile, which is located on your profile photo. If you choose to upload a video cover, an orange ring will appear around your profile photo and the video will auto-play silently for anyone visiting your profile, which they can click on it to listen to it.

This feature is beneficial for anyone on the platform. If you’re someone looking for a job, your video can include things like your skills and experience which is beneficial for an employer visiting your profile. It’s also a good opportunity for entrepreneurs and freelancers to share your expertise and promote your services to anyone who may be interested. Finally, it’s a good tool to also grow your following and your network by promoting anything you publish like blogs, articles and live videos to highlight your knowledge to those visiting your profile.

Creator Mode

We all know that LinkedIn is one of the best platforms to make connections on, and their new Creator Mode will make this even easier. Creator Mode allows you to add hashtags to your profile to indicate what topics you will be posting about the most. When you add these hashtags, it helps LinkedIn to showcase your content to interested audiences which means more potential connections for you. When you use Creator Mode, your profile layout will change with your “Featured” and “Activity’ sections moving to the top of your profile, so your content can be more prominently displayed. Your “Connect” button will also change to “Follow” to help build your audience.

If you are a LinkedIn Live Broadcaster, your profile background will show when you start streaming which once again helps increase the visibility of your content when you use Creator Mode.

Profile Pronouns

A final smaller feature of this new update is the option to add gender pronouns to your profile. The use of pronouns can help you develop a better relationship with your connections as it means it is easier to communicate with them and it shows a level of respect for them too.

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