Medical Marketing: How to Connect With Patients

In today’s climate, maintaining positive relationships with patients is influenced by your medical marketing as well as your daily in-clinic interactions. Unfortunately, a lot of time-poor practice managers and professionals tend to leave their digital marketing on the backburner of their duties, not realising how effective it can be for connecting with patients and growing your practice. Here’s how:

A Multichannel Approach Creates More Opportunities

Implementing a medical marketing strategy across different digital channels can help improve your chances of reaching patients in need of your services at the right time. You can easily expand your reach across popular platforms such as:

  • Social media
  • Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Linkedin

  • Website
  • Practice websites, Medical Professional websites

  • EDM and email marketing
  • Mailing lists, newsletters, patient correspondence

  • Mobile marketing
  • SMS text messaging, MMS multimedia messaging

    Marketing your services across different channels also has the benefit of giving your patients (and prospective patients) more options for how they interact with you and therefore more opportunities for new appointments. 

    Patient-Focused Retention Strategies

    As well as maintaining a high quality of service at the clinic and contacting patients for their routine check-ups, there is more you can do using medical marketing to improve patient retention. 

    Targeted marketing campaigns can address the needs of different patients and ensure they keep coming back to your practice. Some examples of how patient campaigns work include the following:

    New Patient Campaigns

    Practice branding, website, patient engagement, and digital marketing that attracts new patients to your practice in an ongoing and sustainable manner.

    Existing Patient Campaigns

    Referrals marketing, patient engagement, and online and offline communications strategies are highly focused on retention by ensuring your patients feel informed and cared for by your practice.

    Lapsed / Inactive Patient Campaigns

    Targeted digital campaigns to reach and retain patients who have lost touch with your practice due to falling out of routine or a lack of engagement.

    To learn more about using digital marketing to improve patient retention, you can work with a dedicated digital marketing expert. These experts can talk you through your options and design a strategy based on your practice goals. 

    Provide Education and Combat Misinformation 

    Medical marketing and branding can help develop your practice’s reputation and credibility. You can use different types of marketing collateral and informative resources to show patients your commitment to preventative care outside of your appointment times. 

    This can be through:

    • Online Web Resources 
    • Blogs 
    • Infographics
    • Before and After Photos
    • Videos

    The additional benefit of having these kinds of resources is that it also builds your credibility online with Google. This improves the chances of your practice website appearing in Google search results when someone looks up an online query.

    Book A Consultation With A Medical Marketing Consultant 

    Prabin Gautam is a Melbourne-based digital marketing consultant, social media keynote speaker and founder of 360° Dental Marketing. With years of experience in medical marketing under his belt, he has worked as a trusted advisor for numerous practices, organisations and businesses in the dentistry, medical and allied health sectors. 

    If you are interested in using medical marketing strategies to connect with your patients and grow your practice, book a consultation with Prabin Gautam today to discuss your goals.