Integrating PR in your brand and marketing

A common question we hear in the digital marketing world is how to integrate PR when building a brand. Integrating a public relations media strategy in your marketing strategy can greatly benefit your brand. But how exactly can PR be integrated in your brand and marketing and what are the benefits?

How To Integrate PR In Your Business Growth Strategy

Public relations involves helping a brand or organisation communicate their message to the public. By integrating PR in your digital marketing strategy you allow your message to reach more people and in turn build your brand. So how do you achieve this?

Firstly, in order to get your message out there, it is important to think about what is newsworthy and position yourself into a topic that’s already trending and being discussed, think of yourself as a journalist. The reason being that if you go to a news source with a relevant story, they are more likely to publish it rather than something that isn’t relevant in today’s climate. Secondly, talking about a case study or mentioning a story of how you helped someone is always engaging and can capture an audience, so keep that in mind when thinking of what to pitch to media companies.

Benefits Of Integrating A Public Relations Strategy

As business growth strategists we have seen first hand the benefits of integrating a public relations strategy in marketing and branding. A key benefit has been an increase in credibility. When you’re communicating a message through the media it is not an ad but the media talking about you, this positions you as an expert and shows you’re getting noticed.

Another clear benefit is exposure. Simply seeing your brand or organisation in the media helps put your name out there and communicate your message to a large audience. This will ultimately help your brand build its name and grow. 

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