Does Your LinkedIn Profile have Consistency?


What is the one thing that differentiates you from other businesses?


To build your personal brand, you need to be consistent.

But what does consistency mean for a LinkedIn profile?

And the most important aspect, how do we build our brand through consistency?

LinkedIn, without a doubt, is the most effective media to connect and interact with quality leads and prospects, existing clients and referral partners.

Still, many professionals are unable to brand themselves on LinkedIn.

This article focuses on the key aspect of professional LinkedIn – CONSISTENCY.

“Trust is built with consistency”
– Lincoln Chafee


This is what people first view in your profile.

You must have your professional photo taken and used in many places e.g. – your website, your email signature, visiting card, brochures, book cover and social media profiles.

Are you using a similar photo for all channels?

Your titles, organisations that you are involved with are important, however, your photo is the major point for your prospects, leads and associates to remember you.

Your face is the greatest asset of your branding.

Therefore, have a similar professional photo in all areas where possible i.e. – your email signature, your website, your visiting card, your brochure, your banners, and your LinkedIn profile.

Prabin Gautam Business Consultant Melbourne

Make it easier for your targeted audience to remember and identify you.

Act now, Be you, Be Consistent!